Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writing a Murder Scene? D. P. Lyle Can Help

I just recently discovered the Writer's Forensics Blog written and hosted by author and cardiologist D. P. Lyle, after seeing "teasers" for his columns for quite a while. And I have to say, it's almost as much fun as picking up a new mystery! It's a resource center for writers working on murder mysteries, thrillers, anything that taps into forensics, anything that involves tracking crime and criminals through hard evidence.

Consider the most recent three topics: "Q and A: Can Silver Be Used to Kill a Werewolf?" (this is a great explanation of anaphylactic allergy reactions); a guest post on "10 Most Incriminating Types of Evidence"; and "Bacteria and Time of Death," introducing a potential new forensics tool.

Lyle is a practicing physician in California, and his books have won a Macavity Award and been nominated for the Edgar Award; they include both nonfiction and thrillers. A couple of the covers are shown here. I'm planning to add some of his books to my shelves over the next few weeks.

Have fun exploring his blog:

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