Friday, December 10, 2010

Cornwell, Gage, Maron, and Women Detectives

We're excited for our friend Leighton Gage, whose new crime novel, EVERY BITTER THING, gets a great tip of the hat from New York Times crime fiction reviewer Marilyn Stasio this coming Sunday -- the review is already available here, and is a great invitation into the life of Brazil's Chief Inspector Mario Silva. Hurrah! Here's our longer review.

On the other hand, Stasio's review could strand us with our lovely copies of Patricia Cornwell's latest Scarpetta investigation, PORT MORTUARY. Well, the bottom line is, if you're a series fan, you've got to have the next one, whether it's exactly to your taste or a bit "otherwise." Dave says we have two copies, freshly signed when Cornwell visited Vermont last week -- and an unsigned one, also.

Glad to see that Margaret Maron's CHRISTMAS MOURNING earned Stasio's approval. I liked it, too; it's a bit more threatening than the usual small-town mystery, with the rewards of family and community nicely spelled out.

Now for something entirely different: Here's an article from Oslo author Ann Holt, as printed in London's Guardian newspaper, naming her ten favorite (fictional) women detectives. Holt is the author of two detective series: one featuring Hanne Wilhelmsen, and the other Vik/Stubo (both coming out in 2011). I was fascinated by the European view, and wondered what would happen if, say, Laura Lippman named her top 10. Any suggestions from you all? Add them here in the Comments slot.

Five below zero when I got up this morning. Brr! The cold weather helped the chickadees re-discover the feeder at the window by my desk. That's quite a pleasure for them and me.

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