Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Blizzard of Dec. 27, 2010 ... and Briefly, Sara Paretsky

Dave managed things up on the mountain yesterday, while I drove our guests to the distant train station (60 miles). Today I shoveled, so the book deliveries (and book browsers!) will be able to make it to the door. Thank goodness that's done! It's a glorious blue-sky day here with fierce winds. Along the edges of the back roads, and through our yard, are this morning's deer tracks. I spotted the prints of an enormous buck, as well as tiny ones that seem way too small to manage the snowbanks. Their hungers draw them out of the cedar shelters.

And our hungers for good stories, good mysteries, powerful or funny or complex or daring: These draw us also out of our chairs, to the bookshelves and to investigating the latest work. I'm also on a Sara Paretsky binge, as she's been named Grandmaster of Mystery by the Mystery Writers of America; here's a good interview with her, on the Sisters in Crime blog. I am even more impressed with Paretsky, now that I realize she's a founder of SinC, as well as a steady writer whose Chicago detective, V.I. Warshawski, has pressed on through criminal and societal conflicts over the years. Anyone have a favorite to mention, among Paretsky's 14 books?

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