Sunday, December 19, 2010

Win a Signed Copy of Gerry Boyle's PORT CITY SHAKEDOWN

Dave and I enjoyed a visit earlier this year from Gerry Boyle, who intrigued the crowd here at Kingdom Books as he talked about his latest book in his Jack McMorrow investigations series, set in Maine: Damaged Goods. Gerry also signed some copies of Port City Shakedown, his first in the Brandon Blake series, which takes a darker, more gritty route. Scheduled for 2011 release is the second one -- and to make sure we're ready, Gerry is making a great offer this week. Here's what he said:

Port City Giveaway

Hey there. We’re psyched about Brandon Blake No 2, AKA Port City Deathtrap. In fact, we’re so psyched that we want to make sure you’ve read Brandon Blake No. 1. Port City Shakedown, so you’re ready.
So you haven’t read Port City Shakedown? No problem. Do two things. Use the e-mail link below (and if you've got a moment, also leave a comment here on the Kingdom Books blog) --  and shoot me an e-mail before midnight (EST) at the end of Wednesday December 22. We’ll do the random-pick thing and send the winner a signed, personalized hardcover of Brandon Blake No. 1. Read it and be ready.
Blake as a young rookie cop. Blake bringing his baggage, hard-earned in PC No. 1. Blake knowing he’s going to do the right thing, no matter what, no matter who stands in his way. Blake up against some hard guys, and some not-so-hard guys who may be even badder.
Comment. E-mail. Brandon’s waiting.

Gerry Boyle
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