Friday, December 31, 2010

Exciting New Releases for 2011

It's the last night of the last week of the old year, and I've been cramming mysteries into my hours. Tomorrow, January 1, look for a splash on the new translation of THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X (Yogisha X No Kenshin), which won the Japanese equivalent of the National Book Award for author Keigo Higashino. Jan Burke's praise is on the front cover of the advance reading copy.

Plus I'm hugely enamored of DEVIL-DEVIL by Graeme Kent, a new entry for the Soho Crime list -- from a prolific author and BBC broadcasting officer and consultant. Set in the Solomon Islands, it introduces Sergeant Ben Kella and his friends (and among them, enemies). It's a winner!

Also coming in the new year, a fresh Paris mystery from Cara Black, espionage from David Downing, dark crime set Down East from Gerry Boyle, Clea Simon's delightful animal psychic mystery, and the new release from mother-and-son team Charles Todd. I can hardly wait!

If you've got a mystery title coming out in 2011 that you want to talk about, or have in mind one you're waiting to read, mention it here. Why not? We're all in this together ... for the fun of it, and for more.

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