Sunday, July 24, 2011

Intense Thriller, Worth Reading: ADRENALINE by Jeff Abbott

How fast-paced do you like your thrillers? And how close do you dare to get to what happened on September 11, 2011 -- a date about to be honored with intense and uncomfortable awareness of how the American view of the world changed in an instant, and has continued to change. Life seems a lot more dangerous than it used to. When partisan politics mingles with insanity to kill more than 80 people at a summer camp in Oslo, in real life, the events of Jeff Abbott's newest book, ADRENALINE, cut close to our own tensions.

The book opens with Sam Capra, a brilliant CIA agent on assignment in the UK, taking a quick round of fierce exercise in the discipline of parkour -- a kind of rapid running with leaps, climbs, and major obstacles along the way. Home from the workout, for breakfast with his heavily pregnant wife Lucy, Sam has no realization that this will be his last moment of serenity. His life is about to literally explode. And as the lone survivor of a bombing that takes out his workplace and colleagues, Sam is suspect number one. Somebody has deliberately betrayed the group. If it wasn't Sam, it must have been Lucy -- who is either already dead, or kidnapped, and the time for that baby's birth is racing toward everyone.

Jeff Abbott
Two of Abbott's earlier seven thrillers, Panic and Collision, are headed for Hollywood, and it's clear that ADRENALINE will soon follow. So -- unless you really like reading the book after the movie -- now's a good time to pick up a copy and enjoy a fast, intense summer read.

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