Tuesday, July 05, 2011

CARTE BLANCHE 007: Newest James Bond by Jeffery Deaver. ALSO: Other Signed Books Stacking Up

Jeffery Deaver
Dave practically jumped up and down when the package arrived -- three brand new copies of CARTE BLANCHE 007, the brand new James Bond novel, signed by author Jeffery Deaver. You probably know Deaver's writing already (my favorites are in the Lincoln Rhyme series). And of course you know "Bond. James Bond."

The novel brings Bond into the 21st century, and the tangle of intelligence, counterintelligence, and espionage is so intricate that Deaver provides a glossary of names and acronyms! And the plot ... well, if those old James Bond paperbacks on your shelf seem well-loved but just a little dated in pace, brace yourself for a superb and suspenseful thriller instead.

As they say along the midway at the summer fairs up here, "Get 'em quick, while they're hot!" Click here to order.


A short list for the benefit of collectors who say to us, "Let me know whose signed work is arriving at the shop, would you?" (You know who you are.) We've got stacks of Dave Zeltserman and Lea Wait, from readings here at Kingdom Books this summer; a nice supply of Eliot Pattison that we expect will shrink rapidly as people arrive for his July 31 reading and signing here (have you read his new Ashes of the Earth yet?); and we thank award-winning Canadian author Howard Shrier for signing some lovely archival bookplates for us, to accompany his books here -- a good placeholder until we can lure this powerful writer "south of the border." More, of course, soon to come.

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