Monday, July 04, 2011

A Great Store -- and a Place to Talk Mysteries!

It's "road destruction" season in northern Vermont, and the rebuilding of US Route 2 in nearby Danville -- a project in the works for years -- now ties up traffic in both directions on any given weekday. But it's worth the time and effort to get to the center of this classic country town, where some of our favorite businesses carry on, despite the road work. We love breakfast at the Danville Inn & Restaurant, treat ourselves to dinner at The Creamery Restaurant, and dive into the Diamond Hill Store to pick up favorite cheeses, chocolates, antiques, porcelain and glass, even cigars (well, for Dave to smoke out on the deck!). Co-owners Tom and John always have something new to show us, and we like listening to explanations of where the new pillows came from or which wines have become popular.

In addition to co-owning the shop, John Dauteuil is an ardent reader of mysteries, so we get some great conversations about our faves. With business slowed due to the roadwork, John made an offer last week for readers of the Kingdom Books blog: Stop in to purchase a bottle of wine, and he'll give you a free mystery book from the shelves where he stockpiles the ones he's ready to pass along. Ask his advice on the cheeses and other treats, too, after you've enjoyed your conversation.

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