Friday, July 08, 2011

Attention, Donald Westlake Collectors! (A Note from Dave)

A July mention of a piece to watch for, for fellow collectors of Donald E. Westlake and Richard Stark material. This image shows a magazine that is written in French and published in Paris, France. This issue features an extensive interview with mystery and crime writer Donald E. Westlake, as well as several articles concerning Richard Stark, Tucker Coe, and Timothy J. Culver (all Westlake pseudonyms).  The issue also includes fiction by Westlake, Ruth Rendell, Brian Garfield, Luc Chomarat, and Alain Paucard. There are also a number of photographs and movie stills. Published January, 1982, as Issue 22.
Let me know if you locate other copies. I'm keeping this one. I wish I could read the French language! (If your French is pretty good, look at this Wikipedia page on the publisher.) An interesting Westlake/Stark publication.

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