Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Weather, Good Books, Good Company!

Okay, I admit it -- I've spent some of my reading time in the past two weeks going back through the Harry Potter series, getting ready to see the summer's blockbuster "young adult" film. What can I say? But I've also been savoring books scheduled for late summer release, and I've got to recommend the new Stella Rimington espionage novel, RIP TIDE. Released in the UK last week, it's coming out in the US on August 30. I'd suggest adding both the UK and US versions to the shelf; the contrast of covers is always interesting.

I also really, really like the Jeff Abbott thriller, ADRENALINE. I got my copy in the same week when the book was released, so I'm not offering "advance" comments -- just enthusiasm. I'll give details this weekend, when the workload slows down a bit here.

Work -- well, that includes picking raspberries and peas, as well as slipping Brodart protectors onto the dust jackets of the latest titles Dave has added to the shelves. I saw quite a few espionage titles among the stacks he gave to me ... must be the season. I've got a book of my own coming out in September (, so that too takes attention, lining up a Vermont tour and a few other places to travel with this "young adult" mystery. I love my new publisher, VOYAGE, the new fiction imprint of Brigantine Media.

Fred Lichtenberg at Kingdom Books
Finally, everything in summer gets put on hold when clients and guests arrive. Along with welcoming some seasonal "regulars" this past week, and attending poet Jane Shore's annual presentation to Advanced Placement teachers (yes, poetry does connect with pace and plot), we were especially excited to meet crime fiction author Fred Lichtenberg and his wife Sonia, touring New England with Fred's first published work, HUNTER'S WORLD. This debut, set on Long Island, has brought Fred a lot of attention. And guess what -- he's got two more books already done, so count on savoring more from this enthusiastic writer. It's great to connect at the start of a career -- and it's clear that Lichtenberg will be expanding his presence in the crime fiction scene. Thanks, Fred, for stopping in!

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