Monday, December 05, 2011

Vermont Gifts That Haunt: Joseph Citro's Novels and Collections

Some of the spookiest page-turners around are by Joseph Citro, a mild-mannered author who lives in Burlington, Vermont, and collects ghost stories -- then creates more.

Citro has often produced volumes of "factual" hauntings, with reportorial precision, representing different locations around Vermont and their historically resonant tales of the weird or other-worldly. He's also written some downright creepy novels of his own.

We'd like to see our Joe Citro collection -- all signed except one -- get into some holiday packages. Some are sure to be holiday gifts (they're in lovely condition); others may be the flashlight-under-the-blanket spooky treat that you give to yourself for a winter's reading.

To make it especially easier to purchase these, we've cut all their prices by half, as of this evening. Please do browse our ABE listings under Joseph Citro, and find the ones that are right for you.

Joseph Citro

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