Monday, December 12, 2011

Noir Collections, Old and New

From Dave, this morning:
This pulp/noir 1946 magazine has survived for about 66 years and we have just listed it on ABE Books. One of the authors in Short Stories Magazine is Frank Gruber, a pulp author who passed away in 1969. I was a collector of the books in his Simon Lash series. We love the pulp/noir cover of the magazine. You never know what treasure you will find at Kingdom Books. Great items for the holidays!
Thanks, Chief!
Here are some others that I see on the shelf at the moment:
James Ellroy, L. A. Noir
George Pelecanos, D. C. Noir
Ed Gorman, ed., The Big Book of Noir
Anthony Neil Smith, ed., Plots with Guns: A Noir Anthology

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