Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank You, Archer Mayor and Kingdom Book Folks!

Yesterday's visit from Archer Mayor was truly a celebration, as Dave announced that this multitasking author of the Joe Gunther police detection series is hitting the New York Times bestseller list for this week, with his 22nd book in the series, TAG MAN. And we had more than 22 fans on hand to celebrate; that was the chair count, and I know some generous and merry people ended up sitting on the (padded) stairs and standing at the back. So we'll take that as an omen that there are many more good Archer Mayor books ahead! Special thanks to his support team, too, including Margo Zalkind, who brought bookmarks, VBI "Euro-style" bumper stickers, and an active camera.

Pardon my own shaky shot here, taken while juggling books and a plate of cookies and enjoying the "after-reading" conversation as people waited to get books signed. From my hasty notes on the side: The very creepy aspect to the Tag Man's activities in this latest book comes from a "dream" that Archer and his daughter have shared: wishing they could have the gift of invisibility. Way to go! Thanks again, all of you, for a perfect afternoon of books, discussion, and happiness.

Coming tomorrow: Reviews of other titles I've been waiting to tell you about!

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Beth Kanell said...

Two nifty quotes from Archer Mayor's Q&A regarding his writing, during his visit here: (1) "I'm geographically driven as well as pyschologically curious." (2) "Since I try to inject humanity into these things, there's no Hannibal the Cannibal in my books!"