Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hurrah! Vermont Author Howard Frank Mosher Receives NEIBA Award

In all the news of occupying Wall Street and hoping for self-determination in so many struggling nations, let's not forget the good news at home that keeps us hopeful. The NEIBA President's Award Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts was actually announced months ago, but the award ceremony happened last week. Our heartfelt congratulations to Howard Frank Mosher, and to NEIBA (the New England Independent Booksellers Association) for its good New England sense in making such a great and appropriate choice.

Hi, Folks,

I'd like to thank the New England Independent Booksellers Association and, in particular, outgoing NEIBA President Dick Hermans, for the President's Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts that I received on October 12 at the NEIBA Conference in Providence.

Over the years, the independent booksellers of New England and beyond have helped establish and sustain the careers of hundreds of writers, kept "the book," as we know it, alive and well, and fought tirelessly and courageously to safeguard our First Amendment rights to read, write, and say what we wish to.

I can think of no greater honor for a writer to receive than the President's Award from this distinguished organization.  To all indie booksellers, and to all of my friends and readers, thank you.

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