Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday Afternoon: Superbowl, or Mystery Reading??

Gee, is it really a question? Dave's got his focus, along with at least one crime fiction author in conversation today. How about you?

Dave says:

Paul Hornung/David Kanell at the 1964 New York World's Fair
Well, we are all waiting for the Superbowl game this Sunday.  My friend Dave Zeltserman is on the edge of his seat and waiting for the start of the game and for the Patriots to score first and often. My dad, who is a Giants fan, thinks that they will win the Superbowl. 
In 1964 my parents took my sister and me to The World's Fair. At that particular time in my life I was a Giants fan and they had a  number of great players: Y. A. Tittle, Andy Robustelli, and Rosey Greer.
One of the premier football players of the day was Paul Hornung, the Hall of Fame halfback of the Green Bay Packers and a member of the team that won the first ever Superbowl in January 1967.
My dad took this photo of Paul Hornung giving me an autograph at the Schaefer Beer Pavilion at the Fair.

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