Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Justice: Eliot Pattison Reflects on His Three Detection Series

Great news: Not only is Eliot Pattison's Ashes of the Earth (first of his post-apocalyptic detection novels) being released in softcover this April -- but also, there's a new interview with Pattison available through Blog Talk Radio:

Pattison describes his protagonist Boone in this series as someone who's "lost all hope" and says he's provoking readers to consider what it's all about, "who are you when you strip away your television, your automobile, your electricity, your technology ... what really is important, and how do you cope when everything else is gone?"

But fear not, Pattison (an international attorney) threads the demands of investigation and crime-solving just as insistently in this series as he has in his Inspector Shan series and his Colonial America series.

For a longer look at Ashes of the Earth, click here; other Pattison reviews are also on our blog.

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