Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reginald Hill: Patrick Ruell & Vermont

by Reginald Hill, under a pseudonym!
Dave rounded up this info for Reginald Hill readers and those with Vermont mystery collections, too!

Patrick Ruell is a pseudonym used by Reginald Hill (1936–2012), who passed away last week at the age of 75. Hill used the Ruell pseudonym to publish eight books:
The Castle of the Demon (1971)
     aka The Turning of the Tide
Red Christmas (1972)
Death Takes the Low Road (1974)
     aka The Low Road
Urn Burial (1975)
     aka Beyond the Bone
The Long Kill (1986)
Death of A Dormouse (1987)
Dream of Darkness (1989)
The Only Game (1991)
One of the titles, Urn Burial (aka Beyond The Bone), was published by the former Foul Play Press of Woodstock, Vermont, in 1987 and has a very unusual cover illustration by Wladislaw Finne. Copies of the Foul Play Press edition are uncommon. We have one copy at Kingdom Books (*Dave just added this to our ABE listing; should show up there in an hour or so), as well as some mysteries under Reginald Hill's own name.

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