Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Experimental Crime Fiction? Postmodern! CROSSING THE LINES, Sulari Gentill

Poisoned Pen Press just brought out a very new genre from long-time author Sulari Gentill, better known for her historical Australian crime fiction. This time she's gone "postmodern," letting her characters make up the author and the book -- and the crime -- as she goes along.

In CROSSING THE LINES, the "author" Madeleine becomes enamored of her creation, Edward, whose life soon includes a murder. When Madeleine begins to care more about Edward than about her own husband Hugh, secrets multiply in the stress fractures of their fictional and metafictional lives.

Poisoned Pen recommends this for fans of Paul Auster, Jesse Kellerman, Vera Caspary's Laura, and Haruki Murakami. What a combination! I certainly felt the parallel to Murakami, and the way that postmodern writing can turn a reader's thinking into odd new shapes.

I'd say this one isn't for "beginners" in this form of writing. If you're already drawn to some writing among this list of authors, though -- dip in. There's a lot of entertainment here, as well as some very clever and unusual twists.

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