Saturday, June 09, 2012

Post-Flood Wilmington, VT: Hurrah for Bartleby's Books

When we talk about the survival of independent bookstores, it's usually financial survival that's under discussion -- but in Wilmington, Vermont, last fall's devastation from Hurricane Irene literally washed out Bartleby's Books on West Main Street. So it was great yesterday not only to visit the thriving and very well-stocked rebuilt shop, but, even more important, to hear the story of how owners Lisa Sullivan and Philip Taylor reached out to their town as they struggled to emerge from the wreckage. As the Preservation Trust of Vermont celebrated RESILIENCY for Vermont's recovery, Taylor (speaking in this photo), Sullivan, and others from Wilmington received awards for their work.

Of course, after snapping this photo, we visited the shop to buy a book!

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