Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arnaldur Indridason: List of Titles

In December we put up a review of HYPOTHERMIA, the newest US edition from Arnaldur Indridason. Here's a list of the titles to catch up with in the Detective Erlendur series:
Synir duftsins (Sons of Dust, 1997)
Daudarósir (Silent Kill, 1998)
Myrin (Tainted Blood UK title, Jar City US title, 2000)
Grafarpögn (Silence of the Grave, 2001)
Röddin (Voices, 2003)
Kleifarvatin (The Draining Lake, 2004)
Vetrarborgin (Arctic Chill, 2005)
Hardskafi (Hypothermia, 2007; US, 2010)
Myrka (2008, not yet translated)
Svörtuloft (2009, not yet translated)
Furdustrandir (2010, not yet translated)


Valerie said...

When will Arnaldur Indridason's SONS OF DUST and SILENT KILL be available in English???

Beth Kanell said...

The publisher hasn't made any promises to translate these first two books into English; check Iceland Review Online,, for some discussion of this. In fact, add your request at that site! The more of us who ask for these books in English, the sooner the publisher may commit to this.

Anonymous said...

What about his "The King's Book"?



Beth Kanell said...

That's not part of the series -- here's the list of titles not in the series:
- Napóleonsskjölin (Operation Napoleon, 1999)
- Bettý (2003)
- Konungsbók (The King's Book, 2006)