Friday, June 04, 2010

Lee Child, 61 HOURS -- Well Worth the Read

When an author reaches his or her 14th book, there's always a risk that the protagonist will have gone to cardboard or the plot devices will be way too familiar. Thank goodness, Lee Child avoids those pitfalls and has crafted an intense thriller in 61 HOURS. Since Janet Maslin's review of the book is so darned good, I'll just add a couple of points:

1. What grips me the most in this book (I live in the far north, so it isn't the South Dakota winter details) is Jack Reacher's struggle between his desire to "move on" and the commitment he finds growing from his respect for two or three of the people he meets here. I keep running through the scenes in my mind's eye. And yes, they are that vivid.

2. When, oh when, will US jacket art capture the intensity of UK versions? I'm pasting both of them here; see for yourself.

The next Lee Child book is following quickly, this fall; I think I'll pre-order a copy. At least the wait won't be as grueling as the time between the Stieg Larsson books.

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