Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Half Price Sale, Books from the Stinehour Press

We've had snow for the past two days! And we've had a steady stream of readers purchasing poetry and mysteries during our e-mailed sale (25% off unsigned books, 10% off signed ones). Now we're ready to add one more component: 50% off any bookprinted at the Stinehour Press.

Why? Well, the shelves are jammed, and we're expecting a very large addition of poetry later in the season. We need to let go of something -- and it seems that with the demise of the press, now is a good moment to encourage the movement of these beautifully designed and executed books into other hands.

E-mail us. Oh yes, need to know how to see the list? Click on our web site, www.KingdomBks.com, and once there, use the Browse & Buy button -- which puts you idrectly into our listings on ABE Books. Then simply type Stinehour in the publisher box, and you'll have the list in front of you. There's some gorgeous photography, a nice run of poetry, and of course a number of books on art and on the world of books.

Just be sure to place your order via e-mail or phone, NOT via the ABE site, as we can't do the discount through its check-out system.

How long will the sale run? Hmm. Let's say, two weeks. Hope to hear from you.

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