Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hayden Carruth Poem, "The Cows at Night"

For me, a good start to the day can mean having enough caffeine or sunshine to be well awake by the time Garrison Keillor's "Writer's Almanac" airs on the local public radio station. I know there are people who don't care for Keillor's reading style, but I don't have a problem with it, and I like the way the program choices often point me toward poets that I wasn't aware of or had forgotten to keep up with. There's such a variety available! At any rate, if you happen to check today the GK web site, the poem is there -- and if you go to the site later, you can quickly look it up.

For another radio insight into Carruth and his life, try this: -- the plus is, if you click on the audio version ("hear this"), you'll hear Carruth himself reading "The Cows at Night."

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