Friday, July 11, 2008

Calendar Alert: Maxine Kumin, Wed. July 16; and our Poets' Brunch with April Ossmann

The day before an author event is always a long one here at Kingdom Books. We pull out books by the author -- tomorrow, April Ossmann reads here at 11 a.m. from her collection ANXIOUS MUSIC, a debut but far from a beginning for this accomplished poet and long-time editor (she's the executive director of Alice James Books). We also draw forward onto the tables books by poets whose work may strike similarly. In April's case, I reached for Mary Kinzie, as well as for the early Alice James poets like Jean Pedrick. And I added Gregory Orr and Mary Oliver to the table, one for emotion, the other for meticulous detail. Plus there are another couple dozen books of poetry that have just come in, including a first edition of Frost's NEW HAMPSHIRE. There'll be plenty for the eyes and spirit to feast on.

Oh yes, feasting: This is the last of our 2009 Poets' Brunch events. So there's a feast to prepare and assemble, along with flowers from the garden, and of course the circle of comfortable seats.

I've also pulled out books by Maxine Kumin, but I have them set aside in my own office for the moment -- Kumin is reading on Wednesday July 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Black Box Theater on the campus of St. Johnsbury Academy, part of the St. J. Athenaeum's summer poetry series but held this time in a larger, "climate controlled" room. (I sympathize; I spent a chunk of today installing an air conditioner in our event space, after listening to the weather forecast!) At any rate, I've promised to bring Kumin's books on Wednesday; I suppose if someone really wants one or two tomorrow, I'll pull them back out, but for the moment they are boxed.

I'm re-reading Patrick Donnelly's magnificent work THE CHARGE -- more on that, later this weekend.

And a quick note to mystery readers: Yes, the new Charles Todd post-World War I mystery, A PALE HORSE, is another compelling exploration of love, loneliness, and trust. And Dave wants me to remind you all that we have just ONE last copy, with laid-in signed bookplate, of DEVIL MAY CARE by Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming.

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