Friday, May 23, 2008

Calendar Alert: Chris Bohjalian, 5/28; Poets Dubroff and Fogel, 6/25 (Norwich, VT)

Chris Bohjalian's newest novel, SKELETONS AT THE FEAST, doesn't have a thing to do with Vermont -- except that the book began with a carefully preserved World War II era diary that had been handed down in the family of one of his Vermont neighbors. Addressing the finale of the war from an unexpected viewpoint, that of a young woman in an upper middle class family, forced to flee during the Russian advance on her home, it's a great summer read. Meet Chris and dig into the background at his reading at the Norwich Bookstore on Wed. May 27 at 7 p.m. (reservations recommended).

Also well worth marking on the calendar, this two-in-one reading next month at the same shop:

Wednesday, June 25, 7 pm
Suzanne Dubroff | Alice Fogel

Two creative New Hampshire poets share the podium. The sensual poems of Susanne Dubroff’s The One Remaining Star are as palpable as the objects they invoke. Susanne’s translations of René Char, as well as her own poems, have been published in many journals and magazines. She has taught literature courses and led poetry workshops. Alice Fogel is a teacher with many publishing credits, as well as the creator of LyricCouture, clothing from “reprised” materials. Her new collection Be That Empty has been well reviewed by many, including Charles Simic: “Her poems shine with intelligence. Brooding and meditative, Fogel is a poet alert to every nuance of the inner life, a true phenomenologist of the soul.” (Reservations recommended.)

Bookstore contact info: and 802-649-1114.

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