Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poetry Readings This Summer, New England

More poetry readings I hope to catch in New England this summer: Catherine Doty at the Frost Place (Franconia NH) on Thursday 6/29 (, funny and solid. And at the Frost Place in August, Tony Hoagland on 8/4, Jane Hirshfield on 8/5 (deep California poet, a must!). Here at Kingdom Books, Ron Padgett and Tom Veitch, legends of the New York School of Poetry, get provocative on July 17 (4 p.m.), and there's an author's tea with Rachel Hadas and her new collection on July 26, 4 p.m. Plus an unusual event on July 18 (4 p.m., Kingdom Books), when the fine press designer and engraver Brian Cohen of Bridge Press chats with poet Chard deNiord about their years of collaboration. E-mail me for more! There's no better reason to burn a little of that high-priced gasoline.

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