Friday, February 24, 2012

New Englanders Who Commit (Fictional) Murder ...

I got quite a kick out of this line from a recent AAA New England article that features Gerry Boyle, Archer Mayor, and other New England mystery/crime fiction authors:
Boyle commits fictional murder easily and relies upon Jack McMorrow and Brandon Blake for happy endings.
OMG. The more Jack McMorrow and Brandon Blake I read, the more I realize the happy endings are always going to be mixed ones, with losses to reckon. But still, it's a great line, and I had fun reading the article. Thanks, Gerry, for passing it along!

Maine crime fiction writer Gerry Boyle
For more about the cover image (which really is Boyle in Maine!), check out Gerry's website blog, Fun reading, and good to know the next Jack McMorrow, Once Burned, is near the finish line.

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