Thursday, September 02, 2010

Got a Moment? Visit an Interview With Margaret Coel

Dave and I are always intrigued by how hard it can be to get nice first-edition copies of Margaret Coel's books, particularly the early ones. Readers seem to "read 'em to death" and that's good.

Beth Groundwater's blog today features an interview with Coel, whose next book, The Spider's Web, releases on September 7: It's a writing craft interview, pleasant reading.

The Spider's Web is the latest in Coel's Wind River series, which can be picked up at any point but yields a wonderful richness if read in order:

1995 The Eagle Catcher
1996 The Ghost Walker
1997 The Dream Stalker
1998 The Story Teller
1999 The Lost Bird
2000 The Spirit Woman
2001 The Thunder Keeper
2002 The Shadow Dancer
2003 Killing Raven
2004 Wife of Moon
2005 Eye of the Wolf
2006 The Drowning Man
2007 The Girl with Braided Hair
2008 Stand Alone Novel: Blood Memory
2009 The Silent Spirit
2010 The Spider’s Web
For photos of the Wind River Reservation in west central Wyoming, check out Coel's web site.

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Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks so much for the pointer to my blog interview of Margaret Coel, a long-time friend and wonderful mystery writer! I interview 1-2 fellow mystery authors a month, usually fellow Midnight Ink authors, fellow Colorado authors, or personal friends. Recent interviews include Deborah Coonts and Tim Hallinan and Lisa Bork in coming next. I hope some of your blog readers will find them interesting.