Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Zealand Crime Fiction

We just discovered a great blog of New Zealand (and other) crime fiction:

As an example of its value, here's a list of "kiwi" authors from the site. I'll be looking for a lot of these in the weeks ahead: Ben Sanders, Paul Thomas, Alix Bosco, James McNeish, Ken Benn, Neil Cross, Paul Cleave, Paddy Richardson, Trish McCormack, Vanda Symon, David Bates, Liam McIlvanney, Michael Green, Roy Vaughn, Maurice Gee, Lyn Loates, Yvonne E. Walus, Colin D. Peel, Andrew Grant, Dorothy Fowler, Lindy Kelly, Lee Wood.

I also just learned that Dame Ngaio Marsh is part of the New Zealand mystery heritage.

A tip of the hat and an around-the-world thank you to Craig Sisterson for crafting this blog, and to author Leighton Gage for pointing it out.

[P.S. - No, it's not part of Australia. And for those titles from "down under," here's another resource:]

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