Sunday, August 01, 2010

Guest Blog Posts Coming Soon

Dave and I assure each other almost daily that shaping Kingdom Books as a specialty shop -- thousands of mysteries on the shelves all around it, and in the other room, a couple of extra cases of those other books we can't pass up, like some fine press work and the poetry that I'm hooked on -- was the best decision we ever made. We love what we do, and focusing on mysteries keeps us excited and always learning.

But I've got to admit the guest posts I've lined up for the next couple of weeks speak to our wider interests! First there's a dandy piece from Vermont poet and slam poetry pro Geof Hewitt, whose new book The Perfect Heart is such a pleasure; then we'll welcome New Hampshire novelist Katie Towler, whose third and final volume set on Snow Island just came out, Island Light; and then, back to mysteries at last, as we've asked a couple of authors with new work scheduled for this fall to step up.

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