Friday, February 02, 2007

Planning a Summer Vacation

Yes, I know, it's snowing... thank goodness, since up here we've been seriously worried that Global Warming would capsize Vermont's tourist industry. Skiing, snowshoeing, even maple syrup: they all depend on cold winters. We also need the deep cold to do away with pests like ticks.

But summer will most likely arrive in a few months, and I want to announce a date that's worth shaping a vacation around: Saturday July 14, at 3 p.m., we'll host an event for Alice James Books that features four terrific poets (names announced later). April Ossman, the publisher, just stopped by to help hammer out the details. How often do you get a chance to spend a Vermont summer afternoon with four poets at once? (And that's not even counting April or me, or the neighborhood of Vermont authors who'll probably drop in.)

So if you're pondering reservations for the summer, here's a way to start choosing dates and places. In fact, Dave and I will even throw a supper afterward, so people can keep on talking. Count on stacks of books, signings of course, and conversation that's worth the drive.

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