Monday, February 05, 2007

Archer Mayor, BELLOWS FALLS (1997): On Film!

(Photo: After his Kingdom Books event, Archer Mayor kicks back to talk shop for a bit longer -- both police work and writing. Yes, those books on the table are all mysteries that he's written.)

At almost every book event, Archer Mayor, creator of the Joe Gunther series of Vermont police procedurals, fields the question: "Have you ever had a film option on any of your books?" He gives an easy smile, replies "yes, but," and goes on to say that nothing has yet come of the offers and options.

Now, thanks to Vermont's own noted filmmaker Jay Craven and his team at Kingdom County Productions, Mayor has a new glimpse of the possibilities -- because Kingdom County Productions announced last week that it has the option on BELLOWS FALLS for a new feature film. The screenplay is under development.

This haunting novel that digs into small-town life and the complications of human police work has always been one of my favorites of the Joe Gunther line. I'm re-reading it this week, with camera angles in mind. Go, Joe!

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