Sunday, February 18, 2007

Carol O'Connell's New One: FIND ME

Quick alert: Grab a copy of Carol O'Connell's new (ninth) Mallory novel, FIND ME. Framed in an ultimate multi-jurisdiction serial murder (FBI, Chicago, and local police along Route 66) is a tension-driven hunt for Mallory herself, as her partner Detective Riker fears the worst: Has she killed someone, crashed through into a psychotic breakdown, lost her own center? Mallory (Kathy to her adopted mother Helen, but not to many others!) tears new body openings in self-inflated cops who perform lousy crime scene work, teaches willing newbies, and all this as an aside while she's grasping at more important issues: trust, betrayal, and the slippery escape routes of the mind. O'Connell takes it all to extremes, keeps them mostly believable, and wraps with a massively satisfying conclusion. Don't plan any visitors after you've reached halfway, as you won't want to put up with interruptions while you devour this one.

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