Sunday, September 09, 2012

Now in Softcover: THE INNOCENT, from Taylor Stevens

I recommend the technologically sophisticated, globally based thrillers by Taylor Stevens pretty often: The Informationist, and The Innocent. Both feature Vanessa Michael Munroe, a consultant whose past gives her invaluable insight that adds to her tech-savvy corporate analyses of terrible situations. The first is set in Africa, and the second in Argentina.

So here's a quick heads-up: The Informationist just came out a couple of weeks ago in softcover. I'll put the cover art here, in case you're browsing a real shelf of books. Crown Publishing/Ballantine sent us a copy; now we've got the usual book-lover dilemma: keep it on our own shelf next to the hardcover, or ... put it in the shop and let someone else have a chance to read it?

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