Sunday, September 09, 2012

Fantastic Event -- Thank You, Carla Neggers!

Every seat was filled for today's author event with Carla Neggers, and an hour of listening flew past, as she offered stories of her writing life (starting by climbing a tree with a pad and pencil -- there were others here who'd started the same way!), her expert sources (from a whiskey pro to a detective to a friend willing to phone the U.S. Marshalls), and her varied series of romantic suspense (and one new series, the Swift River one, that's  romance but not exactly suspense -- more like "puzzles" to unravel).

Although we sold right out of copies of her new title, HERON'S COVE, and its predecessor, Saint's Gate, we'll be restocking. And we still have some copies of Whisper and of Mist. 

And I can hardly wait for two new books from this author, coming soon: the third in the current series, titled Declan's Cross, and a promised e-novella that will be a prequel to all three.

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