Friday, May 18, 2012

Coming Soon: Summer Mysteries

I plan to post a long-ish description tomorrow about the effects of reading a recent ATRIA books sampler, crammed with first chapters of international thriller/mystery authors.

Also, here are some of the reviews coming for this summer, with the publication months of the books:
John Gilstrap, DAMAGE CONTROL, June 
Peter Lovesey, COP TO CORPSE, June
Timothy Hallinan, THE FEAR ARTIST, July
Alexander Campion, KILLER CRITIQUE, July
Martin Limón, THE JOY BRIGADE, July
Lisa Jackson, YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW, August
Barbara Cleverly, NOT MY BLOOD, August
In general, I aim to post a review about a week before a book will release, although sometimes I wait until a little while after the release date. Let us know if there are reviews you'd like to see earlier than that.
Oh yes, the photo here? Well, we don't do "coffee reviews," but we vote with our orders, which we continue to send to Café Grumpy in New York, with great pleasure. The sack of coffee shown here (with blossoming apple branch) is from Rwanda, and each time I've ground the beans and Dave's savored the beverage, we sighed with pleasure and marveled at what the new international connections offer us.

Think about it: International mysteries. International coffees. Oh yes, we buy LOTS of American, too. But isn't it nice to have such wide choices?

As you can tell, it's a happy day here at Kingdom Books.

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