Friday, December 02, 2011

News from Maine Author Paul Doiron: The Next Mike Bowditch Book Is ...

Doiron and Michael Connelly, picking up Strand awards
We've become huge fans of the Maine Game Warden crime novels of Paul Doiron, a long-time editor at Down East (yes, both the magazine and the books). Paul's November visit here at Kingdom Books drew an impressive gathering of authors -- my count was that all but one of the people attending were writers themselves, which shows how good Doiron's books are. It's the ultimate compliment when fellow authors salute your work. And Paul Doiron has surely earned that salute with Poacher's Son and Trespasser. (We sold a lot of his books, signed of course, in November; we have three signed copies left of the first book and four of the second. Collectors, please note: Dave has scouted around the Doiron's first book, in first edition, is already quite scarce. Get 'em while you can.)

And now, as an extra treat, the latest e-blast from this fiercely wonderful Registered Maine Guide announces the publication date of August 7, 2012, for book three in the Mike Bowditch series. It's called BAD LITTLE FALLS and takes place near the Canada border, with Mike isolated and exiled and coping with terrible risks. When Doiron was here, he showed us a not-yet-for-publication view of the book's proposed cover. Dave and I both suggested that he remind the publisher to make his author name on the front larger in size ... because by next summer, there's no question, readers will be specifically looking for "the next Paul Doiron book." Most noted detail for me in terms of this series: There are huge areas of Maine's forested landscape where the game warden is the only law enforcement officer around -- hence the wide range of crime he (or she) needs to tackle. Most noted aspect of Doiron's writing: These are character-driven novels, pounding with the tense emotional context of a flawed person tackling a job that takes all of your soul and mind to do it right.

In his discussion here at Kingdom Books, Doiron admitted that creating a fractured soul in a young game warden could have drawbacks for those Maine folks who prefer their law enforcement to come from balanced, mature, even-handed folks with lots of wisdom and sanity. On the other hand, who starts out that way, really? And the author promises forward motion for Mike Bowditch, as the demands of both the job and the people around him put him through a refining fire of a career.

Even though it's smartest in New England winter to stay "in the moment" and work with the season on hand, I confess I've got a big reason here to look forward to next August.

Meanwhile, I'm planning to give myself the holiday treat of re-reading books one and two. And, of course, giving copies to my best reading friends, to get them started with this memorable investigator over the holidays.

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