Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caper Mystery, Set in Vermont: David Carkeet, FROM AWAY

David Carkeet at Kingdom Books, among the mysteries.

"My" Dave asked me to put some posts up this month on "under-appreciated authors" -- the ones that are writing great stuff but whose publishers can't necessarily afford to toss up full-page ads or buy them seats on late-night TV shows. High on my list is David Carkeet, who moved to Vermont in 2003, just in time to set his sixth novel here. FROM AWAY is a classic caper novel, full of laughter and "you won't believe this scene" exhilaration. If you've lived in a rural location, you'll recognize the title phrase as the casual description for someone who comes from "someplace other than here." And that's the situation when Denny Braintree, con artist extraordinaire, arrives in Vermont's pretty little capital city of Montpelier and tumbles into a look-alike situation. Rather than recap the book here, let me just provide the link to the review we offered when it first came out.

If you think you'd have fun collecting this author's books, click here to see what we've got in stock. I think they're all signed, and I know they are in gorgeous condition.

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