Friday, June 17, 2011

A Mystery of Winslow Homer -- and a Town in Maine (Lea Wait, SHADOWS OF A DOWN EAST SUMMER)

Preparations are intensifying now for our June 25 event (11 a.m. here at Kingdom Books), when Maine author Lea Wait presents SHADOWS OF A DOWN EAST SUMMER, the fifth of her Maggie Summer mysteries. These are strong, traditional mysteries set in a seacoast town and featuring a likable woman who's an expert in antique prints. In this case, the story turns on whether the noted (and real) artist Winslow Homer had any children, presumably outside of marriage.

So one of the items on my "get ready, get set" list is to gather some actual Winslow Homer prints to have at the shop next Saturday. Kim Crady-Smith at the nearby Green Mountain Books & Prints is helping me to search. If you're coming and can bring one, or even a book about the artist, please do! Meanwhile, to remind you, I'm placing a one of his works here, "A Fair Wind," from the collection at the National Gallery of Art. And here's a great website for refreshing what you know (or want to know) about Winslow Homer, too.

PS -- Yes, we'll have Lea Wait's earlier Maggie Summer mysteries, too, although not as many of these as of her current book.


Lea Wait said...

Hi! I promise to bring pictures of the Winslow Home paintings mentioned in SHADOWS OF A DOWN EAST SUMMER -- plus some original Winslow Homer wood engrafvings! Looking forward to being at Kingdom Books Saturday morning!

Lea Wait

Beth Kanell said...

Thank you, Lea! I can hardly wait ... and today I traveled in New Hampshire, passing out cards about Saturday's event. What excitement!