Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best Rainy Day: Dave Zeltserman at Kingdom Books

Dave Kanell (L) and Dave Zeltserman (R), books and more books!
A huge thank-you to Dave and Judy Zeltserman, who came up to Kingdom Books in the rain today to meet local fans. Dave read to us a new story about to appear in Ellery Queen Magazine (quite a twist there!) and offered a couple of scenes from his crime (heist!) novel Outsourced. The local crowd was small but highly appreciative with great discussion, and we had plenty of pre-orders, and Dave signed a gazillion books of his.

By the way, Judy Zeltserman -- partner in crime for Dave's trip up here -- is a homeopathic consultant, so we had some great side conversations about her "alternative" healing biz based in Needham, MA. Her web site,, gives some nice insight into her work. (New clients welcome!) Dave's book Bad Karma  draws wonderfully on his wife's expertise.

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