Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kristin Hannah, NIGHT ROAD: Death and Heartache

Is NIGHT ROAD a mystery? Perhaps. There's a death, and a trial. Aspects of how Lexi Baill's actions put her through being tried for the death of a very close friend stay shadowed until nearly the end of the book.

And this is a compelling read in terms of emotions. Lexi, struggling under the disadvantages of being in state systems after the death of her addicted mother, would give almost anything to the beautiful siblings Mia and Zach, whose beautiful and attentive mom comes cautiously to accept Lexi's gifts to her children. But these three teens, at last caught up in powerful tides of love and loyalty, have no idea how hard life can become.

Smoothly written, evocative of both the Northwest and the tensions of American life, NIGHT ROAD explores most of all the paths of what can and cannot be forgiven. If you're looking for a "beach read" that challenges the emotions, this could be your book. It's been released earlier than planned (it came out this week). Author Kristin Hannah, who writes vividly of her terrain of both the heart and the landscape, tours widely and interacts with readers; see her website. This is her 19th book.

Don't get it for your mystery shelves; get this one for the heartache and the possibility of healing.

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