Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Taste of Snow Island: Katherine Towler's Trilogy Concludes

I rarely take time to slow down for a literary novel that's not dominated by a crime or suspense plot. So reading ISLAND LIGHT, the third and last of Katherine Towler's Snow Island novels that track a community on an island off New Hampshire's coast, marked my summer in a different way. Lush, slow, detailed, Towler's prose tastes of New England the way salt air tastes of ocean.

The book was held up for quite a while at MacAdam Cage, but is now available for online or bookshop ordering. And we've asked Katie to step in for a guest blog piece later this summer. If, like me, you enjoyed Snow Island and Evening Ferry, here's your chance for a quietly satisfying conclusion to the set of interlocked family and personal stories that Towler has woven.

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