Saturday, July 10, 2010

Calendar Alert: Poet Adam Halbur, and the Frost Place

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's reading (Sun. July 11) by Adam Halbur, resident poet this summer at The Frost Place (Robert Frost's Franconia, NH, home), as he joins Pam Bernard and Rob Farnsworth at 3:15. (Actually all three of them write poetry that interests me very much!)

What I'm especially curious about is how the New England mountainside farm, with Frost's spirit creaking through the old barn and rustling around the white farmhouse and through the apple orchard and woods, will creep into this global poet's work. A Midwesterner by birth, Halbur also has lived in Tokyo with his wife. The poems in his collection POOR MANNERS hint at the movement from American rural landscape into Japanese language and culture; there should be much more to discover as Halbur turns these strands for us to see in fresh ways.

Halbur will also read, with Ron Padgett, at the St. Johnsbury (VT) Athenaeum on August 4.

Links to pursue: The Frost Place; the St. J. Athenaeum. Driving directions on their sites, along with dates of more readings to come.

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