Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick Notes: Dave Zeltserman, Carla Neggers

Coming soon: a review of Dave Zeltserman's late-summer release, the quirky and compelling CARETAKER OF LORNE FIELD. We hope to have copies here in time for Dave's June 19 visit here -- and we'll definitely have copies of KILLER.

I mentioned earlier this week that Carla Neggers has four series of books/characters going. Well, I indulged myself yesterday afternoon -- and much of last night and today -- by taking time to read NIGHT'S LANDING from her U.S. Marshal series. And it is delicious: well plotted, with a very believable set of crises, characters that ring true (what an adventurous and intelligent woman Sarah Dunnemore is! and hurrah for Nate Winter as he learns to appreciate her), and a fine sense of timing.

One more series to go ...

And because no Vermont conversation is complete without a bit of weather: Thank goodness, the season of snow and ice seems to have finally ended! The blue-sky world outside the office window is windswept and sixty-eight degrees. And the purple finches, northern waterthrushes, and chipping sparrows that have been desperately cramming seed from my window feeder are all out in the greenery instead. I'm planting peas this evening after supper. But (oh my) our "Eye on the Sky" weather forecasters are still insisting we could have frost again tonight. Reminds me uncomfortably of Vermont's "Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death," 1816, when crops were decimated by at least a frost in every month.


Hallie said...

I'm looking forward to the Dave Zeltserman event in June!

I was recently reading about all of the upcoming author events at Kingdom Books, and I couldn't figure out where you were located. Turns out Kingdom Books is right around the corner from my parent's house in Waterford! And believe me - as a lover of reading and books - I couldn't be happier to know you are just a short visit away! See you in June!

Beth Kanell said...

Hurrah! Looking forward to seeing you in June, Hallie. This is a top-notch event, because Dave Zeltserman not only presents his latest work but also talks about what's ahead, as well as his feel for the writing life. Directions to get here are in the right-hand column of this blog (we're just off Route 2).