Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Little Mother's Day Bragging

No, neither of my sons is writing mysteries. But that doesn't mean I can't introduce their specialties now and then. My older son, Kiril Savino, is co-founder (with Ted Sullivan) of Fungo Media, Inc., where the Game Changer app for iPhones, iPads, and more is bringing Little League games off the field and onto the desktops (or into the pockets) of parents and other fans who can't be at the field -- and also managing stats for the teams in ways that shoulder some of the tough responsibilities of Little League team managers and coaches. Way to go, Kiril!

My younger son, Alexis Savino, is an actor and filmmaker and also a skilled portrait photographer who works with people who need compelling images of themselves for media and promotion. Alexis is currently editing film and video for his feature film, "Loss Control." I like his poetry, too. And he's been our connection with Café Grumpy, the NYC roaster and brewer of fine "joe" -- so just for the fun of it, we carry that coffee link on the right-hand side of our blog, too, especially since Grumpy is now shipping mail order (hey Dave, do we need to re-order?).

Priorities of my life: enjoy my sons (and their families) and my husband; keep Kingdom Books well nourished with reviews, commentaries, and events; and write good stuff myself, here in Vermont. It's been a great Mother's Day weekend.

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