Monday, March 16, 2009

Brazilian Dinner, Mystery Author Leighton Gage

We've got a full list of guests attending our "limited edition" dinner on March 18 for Brazilian crime writer Leighton Gage, but we may have a few extra copies afterward of both of Gage's books, signed: BLOOD OF THE WICKED and BURIED STRANGERS. E-mail Dave directly at if you'd like one or both.

Meanwhile, for the foodies among us, here's the menu:

spinach-and-cheese stuffed empadas
feijoada (a smoky meat and bean stew)
feijoa de coca (our veggie alternative: black-eyed peas with veggies and coconut milk)
Brazilian rice with onions and tomatoes
braised greens
French bread
choice of sweets and coffee/tea

Yumm. If you didn't sign up in time, you might want to consider the Boston "suppah" we'll offer when Needham, Mass., author Dave Zeltserman comes to Kingdom Books on Thursday June 25 with his dark and darkly humorous crime novels. More later!

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