Friday, August 11, 2006

Vermont Author Events

Hurrah! Nuyorican poet Martín Espada confirmed that he'll join us at Kingdom Books, then reading at the St. JOhnsbury Athenaeum, on Sunday October 8. It's a long drive for him from Amherst, Mass., but he's giving a reading and then taking part in a salute to Neruda at the Brattleboro Literary Festival that weekend (more details later). We'll host a Sunday brunch for him here.

With Grand Master of Mystery Donald Westlake and his author wife Abby Adams expected for this Sunday's dinner party (Aug. 13; still 2 seats available), I'm off to pick up extra tables in a few minutes. We'll follow up with some other authors of mystery:

Monday September 18, 4 p.m., Sarah Stewart Taylor with her new book STILL AS DEATH, a satisfying Sweeney St. George sequel. Since this author's husband is campaigning for the lieutenant governor slot in Vermont, we'll offer a buffet dinner after the reading, to talk politics with him. Novel twist!

Monday November 13, 4 p.m., Archer Mayor with his latest Brattleboro mystery featuring Joe Gunther: THE SECOND MOUSE. Willy Kunkle and Sammy are firmly in place again as Joe's sidekicks -- and whoa, this is new for such reserved Vermont character, there are plenty of romantic moments here, among the suspenseful ones!

Finally, a quick look at the authors who are giving public evening readings at the Bread Loaf Writers Conference this month: Wed 8/16, Percival Everett and Linda Gregerson; Thurs 8/17, Sally Keith and David Shields; Fri 8/18, Barbara Klein Moss, Emily Raboteau, Kevin McIlvoy; Sat 8/19, Linda Bierds, Randall Kenan; Sunday 8/20, Ilya Kaminski, Helen Schulman; Mon 8/21, Rachel DeWoskin, Mark Doty; Tues 8/22, Ted Conover, Helen María Viramontes; Wed 8/23, Laila Lalami, Carl Phillips; Thurs 8/24, music with Francois Clemens; Fri 8/25 Thomas Sayres Ellis, Robert Boswell; Sat 8/26, David Baker, Sigrid Nunez. Readings are at 8:15 pm in the Little Theatre, are subject to change, and to confirm days and times call, until Aug 15, 802-443-5286; after Aug 16, 802-443-2700.

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