Sunday, August 13, 2006

Donald Westlake in Vermont: Coda

It's been a wonderful evening, spent with Donald Westlake and his author wife Abby Adams. The "limited edition" mystery dinner proved to be a congenial gathering, and the dozen of us who gathered here to meet the Westlakes enjoyed every minute of it. And DEW kindly filled us in on yet another of his pen names (this makes 12 on our list): James Blue, used early on, when he happened to have three stories in a single issue of a magazine. (He borrowed the name from his cat!)

A huge Thank You to this warm, energetic couple, who drove from upstate New York to be here. What a gift to those of us who've appreciated the Westlake touch all these years.

Watch for the signed Donald Westlake, Richard Stark, and Tucker Coe books we'll soon release. And yes, we have a few signed copies of An Uncommon Scold, by Abby Adams (Westlake), which will make dandy holiday gifts for both collectors and those who enjoy a good chuckle (and a bit of provocation) in terms of how different men and women can be.

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