Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Donald Westlake in Vermont, August 13

Here's a great photo of Donald Westlake, not taken in Vermont, but captured by his author wife, Abby Adams. Both will be here at Kingdom Books on Sunday August 13, for a "limited edition" authors' dinner for 20 (some seats still available -- e-mail us). Dave and I can hardly wait! Be sure to bring your copies of his books, for signature. Naturally, we'll provide more!

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david kanell said...

I just purchased 14 first edition, first printings of the early Richard Stark (AKA known as Donald E. Westlake)paperbacks that were issued with great cover art. I am looking for the two Stark novels I don't have Butcher's Moon and Plunder Squad.
Recently I have read over 14 Stark, Westlake and Tucker Coe books and I have become a proponet that Westlake is one of the greatest mystery writers. His varied novels and characters are a treasure and you should take try to meet him at Kingdom Books on August 13, 2006. Remember Westlake is a Grand Master of Mystery.