Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brian D. Cohen, Bridge Press: Collaborating with Poet Chard deNiord

I drove down to Westminster Station, Vermont, to visit Brian Cohen's studio. His broadsides are drop-dead gorgeous collaborative efforts, where he creates an engraving to meld with poetry -- often by Chard deNiord, the Putney, Vt., writer who directs the MFA in poetry at New England College (Henniker, N.H.). Their collaboration results in mystical, river-deep pieces that ripple through the soul. Next week, on Tuesday July 18 (4 p.m.), the two of them are coming to Kingdom Books to talk about these collaborations: how they begin, how they add dimension. Expect to see some of the broadsides. (Brian is also bringing another collaborative effort along, THE BIRD BOOK, a marvelous 26-page hand-colored book of bird engravings, with literal maple boards for front and back, engraved by book artist Julie Chen; the whole thing is cased in a clamshell box. Oooh la la.)
Here's a taste of Brian's art, called Zeppelin Interior. I've put a longer exploration of his career on our web site (


asavi said...

wow. is this a photograph or engraving or an etching or somethin glike that? It's quite a powerful piece, but I wonder about the process with which it was created.

Beth Kanell said...

Brian Cohen e-mailed in to confirm: It's an engraving, no photography involved. Some of Brian's work is done with etching (using a corrosive solution to remove part of the printing plate), some with dry point (no liquid involved). He's currently crafting a set of images that are doubles: one side an etching, the other an intaglio from the same plate. These are all new terms to me. The best way to start getting a feel for the work is to come see it in person, I think.

Beth Kanell said...

Quick correction: Brian said this is an etching. Sorry that I typed engraving. As I mentioned, I'm still sorting out these terms.